What are Airdrops?

Creators of new cryptocurrencies give away their coins to promote themselves

They gain a lot of popularity by making giveaways in exchange for simple tasks

Those tasks could be confirming your email or sharing twitter posts

You need about 5 minutes for participating and get 3 dollars worth of coins for it

An Airdrop is money virtually lying in the street and everyday new ones drop. We will frequently update this site with the worthiest Airdrops for you

What you need

9 different Accounts

To avoid annoying account creation or Wallet installation for single Airdrops, our  Easy  Airdrops can always be completed having accounts for the following platforms:

  • An email account
  • Social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, Bitcointalk Forum and Telegram
  • An Ethereum wallet that supports the ERC20 Token Standard (no exchange wallet).
  • A NEO wallet

If you are new to crypto we suggest you create your ETH wallet on MyEtherWallet and your NEO wallet on the NEO Website. Be sure to read and save all information provided to you! You will need to login and find your Wallet addresses

After creating those accounts you can finish every selected Airdrop that is marked as  Easy  very fast and we recommend doing those first

We suggest to make and use only "secondary" accounts for all of them to avoid spam on your personal accounts!

Later, when you have a set of coins in your wallet, depending on what coins you have got you will have to create additional accounts on exchanges. You can trade your coins for currency there

Need more help for that? Leave a post on our facebook page!

What you get

Free cryptocurrencies

In each Airdrop you participate, you will get cryptocurrencies as promotional giveaways for giving your support

After the promotion ends (usually up to a few weeks) you will get them sent to your wallet. Be sure to always provide your correct address - not private key! - to the Airdrop organizer, so they know where to send your coins

Those coins can then be exchanged for currency. Consequently rotating through all Airdrops will give you a solid income per hour

You can make an account on our website to keep track of your selected Airdrops. Simply put your email and password into the login. If you've never logged in before, an account is created automatically. No registration/email verification is needed

Most cryptocurrencies that are making promotions like Airdrops, are in their early stages of development. Thus they have the potential to rise very high (or drop to 0), if you decide to hodl and speculate with them. But that's up to you!

Why are we helping you to earn with Airdrops?

For referring people you can get even more coins from Airdrops

If you visit the Airdrop through our website, we will get some extra coins for referring you

You will not get less coins if you use our links, but we will get some too. We have to go through a lot of not-worthy Airdrops to find the worthy ones. Please always use our links to support us, so we can invest more time researching and update offers more often!

Sometimes not only the referrer, but also the referred person gets extra coins for using a referral link!

You can help us even more, if you report inactive Airdrops, suggest new ones, give feedback, follow and share us on facebook and twitter

What makes an Airdrop worthy?

Not all of them are legit! We look at

  • The time and tools needed to participate
  • Obviously, the reward
  • The potential of the coin
  • Scam indicators to avoid scamcoins